Faouzi has over 30 years experience in industrial automation with a solid specialization in mechatronics. Holding a Master degree in machine control he spent most of his career in Omron Electronics Industrial Automation Business where he grew from product manager in mechatronics to being a global senior GM leading a global business unit in motion and robotics technology.

Now he is putting that experience in developing the business of industrial solutions across the EMEA territory. The core strategy of industry solutions strategy is articulated around Omron core competence in machine automation and Omron world first technology in autonomous intelligent vehicles. The synergy of those competencies is a real game changer in flexible manufacturing and especially in the growing field of personalized production.

The other important aspect, that technological and manufacturing strategies often overlook, is the human aspect. Faouzi Grebici believes that smart factories need smarter people and that successful manufacturers are those who work tirelessly to turn the tedious job of operators into creators.